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Starboard Value Beats LSB Industires ($LXU) Into Submission

Today Starboard Value settled with LSB Industries. The details include breaking the company up:

(i) increase the size of the Board to thirteen (13) directors and elect Louis S. Massimo, Andrew K. Mittag, Marran H. Ogilvie, Richard W. Roedel and Lynn F. White (collectively, the “New Appointees”) to the Board and to accept the Board resignations of Gail Lapidus and Robert Henry;

(ii) nominate and solicit proxies for the election of the New Appointees to the Board at the 2015 Annual Meeting to serve in the classes of directors set forth therein;

(iii) appoint Daniel D. Greenwell as Lead Independent Director and Chair of the Audit Committee;

(iv) announce the Issuer’s intention to (a) separate the Issuer’s Chemicals and Climate Control businesses and (b) explore a master limited partnership (MLP) structure for the Issuer’s Chemicals business following the completion and opening of the El Dorado facility expansion projects in 2016, subject to market conditions and Board approval;

(v) form a special committee to oversee the search for a new executive to lead the Issuer’s Chemicals business, which shall consist of four independent directors;

(vi) expand the role of the Strategic Committee to include an evaluation of the Issuer’s corporate governance and management structure, related party transactions and any other governance practices deemed appropriate with any recommendations that are approved by the Board to be announced simultaneously with the Issuer’s public announcement of its financial results as of and for the six months ended June 30, 2015;

(vii) determine the Issuer’s director nominees for its 2016 annual meeting of stockholders, including whether to renominate Jack Golsen, based on a majority vote of the eleven (11) independent directors;

(viii) appoint each of Ms. Ogilvie and Mr. White to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, Mr. Massimo to the Audit Committee, Mr. Mittag to the Compensation and Stock Option Committee, and Mr. Roedel to both the Compensation and Stock Option Committee and the Audit Committee; and (ix) use its reasonable efforts to hold the 2015 Annual Meeting no later than June 27, 2015. The Issuer also agreed that prior to the 2015 Annual Meeting, the Board will not increase the size of the Board to more than thirteen (13) directors or seek to change the classes on which the Board members serve.