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Sabar Capital and Ronald Chez will work together to take on Cinedigm

Two activist investors, Ronald Chez and Sabra Capital have decided to work together against Cinedigm. Chez owns 8.4% of the company. 

Sabra Capital went active the other week [thoughts on that] and Chez put out a letter the other day [letter here]

Here are the key notes of the "partnership" - 

On June 2, 2015, the Reporting Persons entered into the Group Agreement in order to work together to enhance stockholder value at the Company, including seeking representation on the Board at the 2015 annual meeting of stockholders of the Company or otherwise and taking any other actions they determine to undertake in connection with their respective investments in the Company, including, but not limited to, a potential solicitation of proxies or written consents in furtherance of seeking representation on the Board and removing certain existing members of the Board.