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Introducing Activist Ideas

We’re starting up a new service, straight from the underground. Built to bring special situations and activist investing to the retail investors

We plan on taking a look at an activist targeted company that fits a strict set of rules. Rules that we feel create the greatest and best opportunity when it comes to following activist investors in event driven opportunities. We do the hard work and a deep dive write up. 

The criteria for profiled companies:

  • Less than $5 billion market cap
  • New or increased activist stake within the last 30 days

  • The stock is not trading at more than 20% where activist bought shares

  • Activist has at least 10% of its portfolio invested in the name

Subscriber options:

  • 1 idea a month for $29/month

  • 1 idea a week $99/month

Sign up if you're ready from some next level shit. 

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