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Andor Capital: Setting Up 13F Season

As 13F season rolls in, Dan Benton’s Andor Capital is one of the first funds to file their 3Q 2015 13Fs. Dan founded Andor back in 2001 after leaving Art Samberg's Pequot Capital.

Dan Benton  @DanBenton

Dan Benton @DanBenton

In the early 2000s, known for being a long/short tech fund; today, Andor has just over $630 million invested in U.S. stocks, owning 28 positions - still heavily tech-weighted. But the real story is the fact that nearly 40% of that $1B is invested in Tesla.

Andor is no stranger to  running a high-Tesla concentrated portfolio, but the electric car company makes up a huge part of the portfolio after Andor dumped all of its Apple stake (was 5.8% of fund), and its Alibaba (was 5.3%), Twitter (was 5%), LionsGate (was 4.3%) and (was 4.1%).

The fund didn’t add any to its Tesla stake but did take a new Google stake - which is now up to no. 2 in its portfolio - about 10% of the portfolio. and were other notable new positions.

Meanwhile, Andor added 25% to its T-Mobile stake (3rd largest holding @ 7.6% of the portfolio), added 50% to Netflix (6th @ 5.3% of portfolio), and added 77% to Starz (10th @ 2.35% of portfolio).

Overall - Andor sold out of 18 stocks and only added 6 stocks to its portfolio in 3Q.

It's time to gear up for the other 13Fs. We'll be all over the place the next few days but our core focus will be on the activist investors we follow - and thus our quarterly activist newsletters

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