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The Weird Letter That Got The Arconic CEO Fired

Below is the brief letter from Arconic CEO Klaus Kleinfeld to activist hedge fund Elliott Management founder Paul Singer. The board of Arconic fired leinfeld for sending the letter. Along with the letter full of innuendos about Singer’s partying at the 2006 World Cup, Kleinfeld sent an Adidas soccer ball.

Dear Mr. Singer,

In the last eighteen months, we have enjoyed the unique attention and unlimited pleasure of multiple exchanges with various representatives of yours in every such way remarkable firm. Unfortunately, we have not yet had the pleasure to meet. More than once I have been wondering what a special person the founder of such a firm must be.

It was much to my delight when I recently learned from Berlin what a phenomenal soccer enthusiast you must be. Quite a few people who accompanied you in Berlin in 2006 during and especially after the many matches you attended are still full of colorful memories about this obviously remarkable time; it indeed seems to have the strong potential to become lastingly legendary. How you celebrated your soccer enthusiasm and the ‘great time’ you must have had in your Berlin weeks -- unforgettable without a doubt -- left a deep impression on them.

As a token of my appreciation to learn about this completely “other side” of you, I allow myself to send you a little souvenir, which might bring back some “vivid (hopefully positive) memories”: The official match ball of the FIFA World Championship 2006 (called “Teamgeist”, in English “Team spirit”). I would be honored if it found an adequate place on your memorabilia shelfs.

P.S. If I manage to find a native American Indian’s feather headdress I will send this additional essential part of the memories. And by the way: ‘Singing in the Rain’ is indeed a wonderful classic -- even though I never tried to sing it in a fountain.