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13F Insights: Your Boy Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett sold some Wal-Mart (WMT) and Goldman Sachs (GS) sales in the third quarter to fund the Precision Castparts purchase. 

He now owns 11 million Goldman shares after dumping about 13% of his stake. He sold off 7% of his Wal-Mart stake, now owning 60.4 million shares.

A new addition to the portfolio was Phillips 66 (PSX) which he revealed in August with a revised 13F. He owns 10% of the company. 

He also now owns shares of AT&T (T) thanks to its purchase of his previous holding, DirecTV. Not sure if he'll hang onto AT&T shares - perhaps for the hefty dividend. 

In truth, Buffett is sneaky, so we can't know of sure even if this 13F is correct. We could get a revision in a few weeks. For now, it was an uneventful quarter for Buffett. However, he's at least been buying more of IBM (IBM) - so he says, which is down 14% year-to-date.