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Things Are A Changing

We come bearing bad news. After much parleying we’re going dark - so to speak. We’ll be taking the free daily newsletter completely behind the Activist Strategy paywall sometime next week. The free daily activist investing newsletter has been a staple on the site since we launched many months ago.

However, managing free subscribers is becoming dilutive to the super premium Activist Strategy service. In doing away with managing free subs, we’re hoping to more value to the Activist Strategy platform and its subs. We’ll be in touch over the next days to better define exactly what will become of the free daily newsletter.

And when it rains it pours - we're also closing off free trials for Activist Strategy for the time being. We need to keep that part of the list relatively small in an effort to still take requests and tailor the service as much as possible. All this is pretty intense, we know, but I hope you’ll join us for the next level at Activist Strategy.