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That 99-Page Yahoo Turnaround Plan

The highlights include cutting three-quarters of the Yahoo workforce and cutting costs like free food and selling it headquarters. This comes as Canyon Capital also voiced concern over the weekend. Starboard Value has yet to offer it opinion on the new plan to spin off its core business.

Eric Jackson has suffered through the Yahoo (YHOO) pain for years as a shareholder. And I do mean years. And I do mean suffered. But he's taken plenty of opportunities over the years to voice his displeasure. 

His SpringOwl Asset Management hedge fund has now put out a 99-page presentation to turnaround Yahoo. This includes ousting Marissa Mayer and potentially getting John Malone involved with the company. 

Jackson's SpringOwl is a small shareholder but still threatens a proxy battle, hoping to use Jackson's 22k Twitter followers to garner support. 

Here's the Spring Owl and Eric Jackson presentation on Yahoo.