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Activist Stocks Giveaway - 3 Months Of Our Premium

This is a quick post as it’ll be quick and dirty - We’re running a contest to win 3 months of our Mach II premium service. The value is $225 and the winner will get three months for free. Activist Stocks Giveaway - 3 Months Of Our Premium 

Here’s a little bit about what we do on the premium side. Over the past year, we've worked tirelessly to bring about the best premium content into the activist investing sphere. Our focus is to reach a wide demographic of individual and institutional investors. We have tiered our premium content to do just that.

With a mounting score of activist investors entering into the event-driven space, our goal is to utilize this activity and data by turning it into actionable ideas. For individual investors, this means providing you with data-driven ideas from our top analysts.

Institutions and hedge funds requiring more actionable information benefit from our ad-hoc analyses that offers insight into what activist targets to pursue and why. Along with an unprecedented database of past work, which allows for swathes of activist data to be accessed in an instant.

You can enter to win here. Contest ends 9/21 at midnight.