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Hedge Fund Linkfest: Buffett's Right Hand

  • Deep Value: Why Activist Investors and Other Contrarians Battle for Control of Losing Corporations [link]
  • Monish Pabrai interview with Forbes [link]
  • ClubCorp: Valuation on the fairway, fundamentals in the rough [link]
  • FCIC Interview of Warren Buffett, May 26, 2010 [link]
  • ‘Hamilton’ and History: Are They in Sync? [link]
  • Most investing is simple, but we complicate it [link]
  • It Was a Good Bet [link]
  • Ray Dalio on Mistakes [link]
  • Warren Buffett's right-hand man gave a dark warning about American finance [link]
  • Check out what we're doing with using activist investors for idea generation - free trial [link]