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Woz Exits Bitcoin

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sold his bitcoins. Wozniak was interested in bitcoin at $70 but found the investing process cumbersome. He got around to buying at $700. He’s made a nice profit. The purchase was an experiment, but he’s worried about the price volatility and didn’t want to get sucked into watching the price day after day. If you could invest and lock it away, and manage to lock yourself out of bitcoin pricing websites, it might be worth it then.

Wozniak is still bullish on the blockchain and is on the board of a fintech startup that developed bitcoin ATMs. He believes bitcoin is better than gold or even the U.S. dollar. The beauty is that there are only 21 million bitcoins, who knows how much gold there is. Per Wozniak, bitcoin is more regulated and mathematical than gold, “nobody can change mathematics.”

The thing is, Wozniak doesn’t need the money. So he got rid of it. His experiment was a ‘success.’ Will anyone’s current experiment be a success? Wozniak says, Bitcoin can be a store of value and is like owning a house. Are you in the market for a ‘house’?  

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