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Quarterly Newsletter

The robust 50-page digest on activist investors.

  • Major activist investing happenings over the past quarter.
  • We profile the top 20+ activist hedge funds, covering the stocks they own and why. 
  • We highlight the top, notable and must-know buys and sells you should be looking at for each hedge fund.

  • We offer a quick profile and background on each hedge fund manager. 

  • We outline the newest activist campaigns for the past quarter.

  • We also note the performance of activist investors during the quarter.

  • We do a deep dive write-up on the top 2-3 best high conviction ideas.

  • We also offer a look at the stocks that multiple hedge funds own and are buying. As well as the stocks they're selling.

  • We put out a one page quick digest as well, which is high impact and an efficient look at the  major buys and sells of each fund.