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Who subscribes 

  • Media companies looking for story ideas and to stay in the know when it comes to shareholder activism and activist hedge fund trends. 

  • Fortune 500 companies and small-cap management teams looking to stay up to date on activists that might be targeting their companies or their peers.  

  • Hedge funds that are looking for idea generation help. This includes event-driven funds and asset firms that are looking to piggyback activists or find the next activist target. 

  • Law firms, proxy solicitors and shareholder activism departments at big banks that are looking to find new clients or offer their services. 

What the premium is all about

One of the great - yet underrated ways to find investment ideas - is following activist investors and activist hedge fund. These hedge funds, in an effort to unlock shareholder value, buy a stake in a company and then pressure or work with the company to take steps to unlock shareholder value. By advocating for change, activists help get a company to cut costs, spin off a lagging business or sell the entire company. There's a great Columbia, Duke and Harvard study out there that's found companies targeted by an activist actually perform better in the longer term. This is in terms of stock price five years after the activist’s campaign begins. Many of the activists aren't short-term investors, but have a commitment to create long-term value. We look at an investors' track record, industries where they succeed, how they get board seats, their best thesis—such as spin offs, cost cuts, etcetera. 

It’s still true that the big players in the public markets are not good at taking short-term pain for long-term gain.
— Jeff Ubben, founder of ValueAct Capital

Here's an overview on what we include with premium: 

  • Daily premium email with all things activist investing, new catalysts, short selling activists, and more.

  • Weekly idea is a deep dive into a stock activist investors, and in most cases, we are buying. 

  • Quarterly activist newsletter is a 50-page report on the trends in activist investing, what activists are buying and why, plus high conviction ideas. 

  • Weekly email on recapping what the major happenings in activist investing and the hedge fund space. 

  • Database of past work, hundreds of pieces on activist targets. 

  • Ad-hoc analyses each week on deeper insight into what activists are doing and the names we own. 

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