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Chez and Sabra Capital Update us on Cinedigm: Taking board nominations

The newly formed Chez / Sabra group updates us on what they are doing at Cinedigm. Recall that Sabra Capital officially went active back in May [parital paywall on thoughts]. Chez / Sabar says that they have spoken with the largest shareholder of Cindeigm (Chez owns 7.9%), and that this large shareholder is supporting Chez / Sabra in its quest to overhaul the board and put three directors on the board. 

They are looking to take over the whole board however and seeking members to fill the other positions (not sure if that's an open invite or not - but reach out to Ziv at Sabra if interested - he's active on SeekingAlpha as well).

Now, if you're serious about being a part of the change at Cindeigm, throw your hat in the ring as a board member by reaching out to Barry Fischer - he's heading up the search for Chez and works at the search firm Thompson. Email